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LED light-emitting diodes are used in lighting industry trends

LED light-emitting diodes have the advantages of high luminous efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency, bright color, long life, fast light response, no interference and high cost performance. They have been created for a new generation of light source LED to replace traditional incandescent lighting applications to the greatest extent in the future. Maximum possible energy. As we all know, with the continuous increase of LED luminous efficiency and the reduction of cost, LED light-emitting diode lighting has increasingly become a perfect substitute for incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.

Structure of LED light-emitting diode
Because the LED light-emitting diode lighting system is more complicated; it spans the fields of optics, electricity and heat. Compared with incandescent lamps, the luminous efficiency of LED light-emitting diodes is more than twice higher than that of incandescent lamps. The light-emitting diodes take advantage of their small size and low temperature, and adopt a more efficient light path design to utilize the luminous flux of the light source. The rate is several times higher than that of incandescent stage lamps. Even with the same luminous flux, the power of incandescent lamps is several times larger than that of LED lamps.

LED light emitting diode incandescent lamp
At present, the more common LED beam lights use a special condenser cup, and the LED light-emitting diodes are installed in a transparent condenser cup. However, the LED light-emitting diode and the condenser cup are combined into a module, and the luminous flux is not enough. In this case, the same modules can be combined again to form a flat LED array, so that a 100-watt LED The light emitted by the lamp is equivalent to the brightness of a tungsten filament lamp of several hundred watts. A large number of LEDs emit light to produce strong light that meets current lighting needs, which can already meet the needs of lighting applications.

With the continuous development of the industry, technological breakthroughs, and vigorous promotion of applications, the luminous efficiency of LEDs is constantly improving, and the price is constantly falling. The emergence of new combined dies has also continuously increased the power of a single LED tube (module). Through continuous efforts in research and development in the industry, breakthroughs in new optical designs, and development of new lamp types, the single product situation is expected to be further reversed. The improvement of the control software also makes the use of LED lighting more convenient. These gradual changes have reflected the broad prospects of LED light-emitting diodes in lighting applications.


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